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    American Car Shipper

    American Car Shipper specializes in long distance moving and safely transporting cars and other automobile throughout the country, to Hawaii, and even overseas. Our federally licensed, 5-star transport service ships door-to-door for most destinations, and we work with more than 100,000+ reliable auto carriers & trucking companies.

    We are the best and number one rated auto transporter in the U.S.
    We are here to provide you with top-notch nationwide car shipping services.

    5-star Shipping Rating

    5-star rating in auto transport company support your shipment from start to finish.

    Never Pay Anything Upfront

    you ship your automobile with American Car Shipper you pay nothing in advance

    Full insurance coverage

    American Car Shipper includes 250k$ insurance coverage in our auto shipping prices.

    24/7 Customer Support

    Our shipping experts are available 24/7 year around (365 days a year) to always provide

    Professional team

    We have a team of dedicated and passionate advisors. Our goal is your satisfaction.

    Easy and hassle-free shipment

    We provide cheap and best door-to-door car shipping service.

    200k+ Truck Carriers

    American Car Shipper has a network of 100K+ reliable and trustworthy trucking companies.

    Personalized Approach for your Auto Transport

    you can easly approch the driver that is carrying your vehicle.

    Shipping a Vehicle with American Car Shipper​

    Shipping a vehicle can be a stressful experience, especially for a first-time shipper. There’s a lot of information out there to sort through, making it hard to pick a car transport service. Our goal at American Car Shipper is to make sure that your transport is as simple as possible from start to finish. Getting a quote for your car transport cost is as simple as using our free online Car Shipping Calculator or calling one of our experienced Transport Specialists and getting a custom quote over the phone.

    Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the auto transport process along the way.




    Car Shipping Services

    We strongly advise shipping your automobile if you are relocating more than 300 miles away. For the majority of individuals, driving is manageable when the distance is no more than 300 miles, and the vehicle is still quite new…


    Door to Door Car Shipping

    Door to door auto shipment is rather simple in the auto transport sector. Door to door auto haulers pick up and deliver your car as near to your home as the truck can physically go…


    Open Auto Transport

    The three main categories of auto transporters on the road are open, enclosed, and flatbed vehicles. For the majority of auto shippers, open auto transport services are the most prevalent, least expensive and most accessible…


    Military Car Shipping

    Transporting automobiles for service personnel or shipping military-owned automobiles are both considered forms of military auto shipping…


    Enclosed Auto Transport

    It’s a wonderful idea to send your car enclosed to prevent damage from occurring while being transported. The majority of damaged autos that occur during auto transport happen during the collection and delivery of other vehicles.


    Snowbirds Car Shipping

    People who relocate to southern regions like Florida for the winter months use snowbird automobile shipping, an auto transport service…

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    Schedule your pickup date, time, and an easy-to-access pickup location with your trucker. You can even release your car while you’re at work.

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    We will pick up your car from the origin. Our drivers are responsive and will take good care of your vehicle. Schedule your pickup date, time and an easy-to-access pickup location with your truck.

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    Your car has reached its destination. We provide fast and door-to-door auto transport service for your vehicle. Our representative will inform you about the arrival of your vehicle


    How much do auto shipping companies charge?

    The cost of shipping a car depends mainly upon the following factors


    Types of Vehicles

    For Luxury, Classical, expensive, and simple vehicles, the auto shipping prices vary.

    Size of the vehicles

    Longer, Taller, and Heavier vehicles have higher auto transport costs.

    Type of the auto transport service

    Open carrier transport, enclosed carrier transport, and multiple vehicle transport.


    The shipping route and distance decide the shipping cost.We are the cheapest door-to-door auto transporters in the U.S.


    We recieve the best client’s review.


    The Cheapest Way to Ship a Car is through an Open Auto Transport Service. Open Transport trailer requires less fuel as it can ship more than 8 cars at once. The trailers are bigger and have no exterior covering. However, the shipping cost depends on various factors like the distance, size of the vehicle, and the type of auto transport service. Save your money by selecting the best car shipping company with affordable rates. Get multiple quotes, choose an open transport carrier, and book an early reservation to ship your car at the cheapest price.

    Enclosed Auto Transport is used for luxury and expensive vehicles that need protection. The cars are shipped inside an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailers are smaller and can’t ship as many cars as an open trailer. The enclosed trailer requires more fuel as it accommodates only 2-3 cars at once. That's why Enclosed Carrier tends to cost double than that of Open Carrier

    Door-to-door is the easiest method of shipping a car. In this most convenient car shipping service you just need to select a specific address for your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off. The truck driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle as per schedule.

    A car usually takes 1-2 weeks to be delivered. However, there are some factors that can affect the car shipping time, including distance, weather condition, transport company, and car shipping service

    Yes! You can pick the shipping date and time from the shipping company. We care about your concerns and try our best to deliver your car as per your selected date and time. We have more than 200k reliable Carriers working with us

    Yes, you can! We have an experience in shipping the cars that are non-running. It will take longer to pick up and deliver the inoperable vehicle. Also, the cost is little high for the non-running vehicle to be shipped

    The instant car shipping quote is valid for approximately 24-48 hours. The vehicle shipping cost changes every day in the industry.

    Terminal to Terminal Vehicle Shipping means that the person/customer will drive the car to a drop-off terminal from where it will be picked up by the carrier. Once picked up, the carrier will deliver the car to the destination location. This location will be again named as a terminal from where the customer will pick up the car